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Everyone would love proper medical care and attention in a good hospital with great doctors whenever they are sick or have any kind of health problem.

Are you a foreigner visiting Belarus?

Or are you interested to seek treatment in hospitals in Belarus but you are in doubt whether you will be in good hands of friendly understanding nurses, a well equipped hospital with good doctors?

Don’t worry because you are in the right place that will help you get all the information you need. You can tour Belarus, enjoy your recreation activities and receive proper high-quality medical

The first thing you need to know is that Belarus holds the highest rank when it comes to healthcare among the Common Wealth of Independent States(CIS).

Foreigners come to Belarus to receive highly complicated successful surgeries therefore increasing trust from people globally.

Medical Infrastructure and Equipment

Hospitals in have advanced medical equipment and very high technology that enables doctors in Belarus to conduct their work efficiently to their patients. The hospitals are also in good condition and have progressive treatment methods that allow comfortable recovery in a peaceful and clean environment.

About Doctors

Belarus is respected
for having well qualified doctors from the best medical centers in world. The rest of the medical staff is also very much qualified and upholds the highest standard of ethics.


Orthopedic Surgeons

Renown well experienced orthopedic surgeons in Belarus not only do their job of conducting successful surgeries but also share and train younger professionals .

The professionals are quick to adopt wireless data transmission systems in operating theaters, innovative equipment, telemedicine and remote consultations therefore everything runs smoothly without interruption .

Arthroscopic surgeries ,which enable to reduce surrounding tissues damage and helps patients experience post operative and rehabilitation quicker are conducted regularly in Belarus. There are
an increased numbers of foreigners who prearrange their knee and joints treatment because of the amazing work orthopedists do in Belarus hospitals.

Healthcare faculties /departments that deal with healthcare in Belarus are always working hard to increase the variety of sophisticated and high-tech surgeries.

A wide range of services to people of all ages from young
to the very old, men, women that foreigners enjoy such as cancer treatment, trauma treatment, oral medicine ,cardiology, gynecology and obstetrics, onco hematology, heart surgery, medical rehabilitation, ophthalmology and speleo therapy and many other therapeutic areas.

Advantages of accessing healthcare in Belarus hospitals

Reasonable costs for medical services hence it is convenient for everyone.

·Progressive treatment methods,
advanced medical technologies and quality services.

·Extremely qualified
medical professionals who are well trained in the best hospitals globally.

·Very well developed transport,
communication, and geographical location of Belarus is in the center of Europe.

How you can receive treatment in Belarus hospitals

There is an official website of Healthcare Ministry of the Republic of Belarus that has “Paid services to foreigners “. Part.

Here you will be able to learn the cost of operations and treatment, hospitals and necessary documents that you will need to have.

After studying the required information and contacting the hospital, you can come to Belarus (if you are not already here on vacation or a trip) sign a contract for paid medical services and access treatment from our very able doctors. Note that citizens of some countries require having a visa to Belarus.

One medical service is paid first in advance and a set of them (the hospital care), in two phases which is the stay in hospital and an estimated treatment cost.

I hope reading this article has given you the confidence you needed to acquire health care treatment in Belarus because it is very safe, and the you will be in good hands of highly qualified doctors. Good luck.

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