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Belarus travel tips

Belarus is deeply embedded into the ancient Soviet communism and thus a museum to the last European dictatorship. This makes it a perfect destination for curious travelers interested in learning about this incredible destination. Offering the best relics of the ancient past scattered across its landscape, visiting Belarus will be impressive.

Fortresses dating way back into the 17th century, medieval castles, ancient forests, and onion-domed churches are just a glimpse of what to visit here. In this article, we will lay out Belarus travel tips that will enhance your traveling experience.

Some of the activities and places to visit once in Belarus will include:

The Marvelous Minsk.

You cannot afford to miss this post war city. With a great deal of its infrastructure and architecture destroyed during World War 2, Minsk’s relics and remodeled architecture is breathtaking. You will marvel at its impressive boulevards and vast green areas all thanks to the past war planning. With time, the city has embraced modernity and creativity in urban art and space development. Strolling the city’s streets as you marvel of its galleries, monuments, and art is safe. To cap it off, the Gorky Park Ferris wheel and The Pit are two sites you definitely have to visit. Although fate, longing, and loss engulf the city, your time in Minsk will be forever memorable.

Belavezhskaya Puscha National Park.

Located within the Brest region and adjacent to the polish border this will be perfect for a hike. This ancient forest is a home to more than 200 species of birds. As you trek through its vast woodlands, you will enjoy bird watching and spot the European bison. Love cycling? The nature trail in this park will not disappoint.

The castles and fortresses.

The castles in the museum towns of Nesvizh and Mir are rich in ancient artifacts and landscapes. Though not connected, these will be the ultimate peak of your time here. The Nesvizh castle boasts of a rich gallery that you will enjoy. On weekends, the occasional theatre performances are great sources of cultural enlightenment. The castle of Mir, on the other hand, has incredible walks and landscape. Its restored relics from the 1500s are classical for memorable photography.

Taste the Belarusian cuisine.

With more than 300 potato dishes, the traditional Belarusian cuisine is worth tasting. Besides, visiting Belarus and not tasting these dishes will completely ruin your stay here. Ranging from potato pancakes to delicious dishes you haven’t heard before, this will be one of the best Belarus travel tips. These dishes will be suitable for both adults and kids as they are not too spicy.

Some bonus Belarus travel tips include playing poker in the casinos, visiting authentic coffee shops, visiting farmhouses, parks, the unusual museums in Minsk as well as shopping for traditional ware at the village of Dudutki. With these tips, you will experience the most from this iving museum’ to the Soviet Communism.

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