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3 Fantastic Travel Destinations in Belarus

Belarus may not be among the most popular countries in Europe but it sure has more than its fair share of tourist attractions and after visiting some mind-blowing Belarus travel destinations, you will agree that the country is one of the most under-reported countries. So, without further ado, here are some of the most attractive Belarus travel destinations.

1. Brest Fortress

This is one of the most popular attractions in Belarus because of its significance to the Second World War. While the Fortress is an attraction itself, it also houses several attractions like a Museum, Ceremony Square, Thirst Sculpture, Courage Monument, and Obelisk Bayonet.

The Fortress is preserved as a memorabilia of the attack of German troops on the Soviet Union. This is why the sacred war song of Alexander Alexandrov is always played at the memorial complex. Adolf Hitler conquered the Fortress in 1941 and took a red stone from the Fortress to his office where it was discovered after his death. The structure of these monuments are also worthy of mention. They are simply amazing.

2. Boris and Gleb Church

This church is famous for its age. It is almost a thousand years since it was built. And up till now, church services still hold in the church. It is said to be the only building during the Ancient Rus. This is why it is a must-visit for fans of antiquity.

The church is located in the small town called Grodno, near the popular Neman River. The structure of the church showcases the beauty of Belarusian ancient stone architecture with its facades and walls embellished with colored tiles and polished stones. You may never forgive yourself if you visit this church without your camera.

3. Naroch National Park

This park is the newest park in Belarus but being around the famous Naroch Lake has made it more popular than the other parks. It is necessary to mention the fact that Naroch Lake is the biggest in Belarus. So, it attracts a lot of tourists. You should not be surprised that there are several hotels and other recreation centers around it. Despite all the amenities around the park, it is also very tranquil.

In fact, it offers a rare blend of nature’s beauty and natural serenity. It is a perfect location for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon.

In conclusion, apart from these three, there are many more Belarus travel destinations but you are good with the three outlined above. Any trip that takes you to the three destinations will linger in your memory for a very long time, if not forever.

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  1. Hello, Dmitry I am from Portugal, are there many Portuguese people who visit Belarus? Is it safe to travel there?

    1. Yes there are tons of people not only Portugal but from a vast number of European countries who come to Europe every year. There is nothing to fear about, of course just like any other tourist place you must not leave your belongings unattended or things like that.

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